3 step Quick Start set up

3 step Quick Start set up

Welcome to Orderspoon

Thank you for the opportunity to be your online order provider! Do you need to get set up fast? This quick start setup guide will get you taking orders in minutes. 
To start the setup you need 2 requirements:
  1. Have the Orderspoon (Online Order by 4 Leaf Labs) application installed on your Clover merchant account
  2. Have access to your Clover Web dashboard

Step One - Setup and Share Your Orderspoon URL (Website Address)

*When the Online Order application is first opened, it will automatically create your Orderspoon URL by using your Clover Business Name.
Now is the time to make changes if you like. 

How to change your store name:

  • Click Settings and choose General
  • In the Store Slug field edit the store name as you like
    • The Slug is the last portion of a URL (Web Site Address)

*You can change your slug whenever you want but we highly recommend always use the same as your relugar customer may have it saved.

When the Online Order application is first opened, it will automatically create Pickup Hours that match your Clover Business Hours.
Now is the time to make any changes. 

Step Two - Confirm Your Pickup Settings

  • Access to the Orderspoon Dashboard
    • Click Order types and choose Pick up
    • Enable Pickup
      • Turn On/Off the ability of your Orderspoon site to process Pickup orders
    • To change the Pick up hours
      • Select the Day and add the Start time and End time
      • Click Add 
        • Repeat the process for each day your restaurant has pick up hours
    • Add the Receipt Title
      • Up to 3 characters in length. This will print on the top of your Order Receipts to easily identify as an online order
    • Add the Fee
      • This is a fee added to your customers' transactions to help offset your online expenses
      • If you don't want to charge a fee, set it as "0"
    • Set a Minimum
      • This is the minimum order sub-total a customer must meet before they can process an online order
    • Set an Av. Preparation time
      • This time will let know your customers the approximated time their orders will be ready

The success of your online ordering solution depends on your staff is aware of incoming online orders.
For the purpose of this quick launch, we will set up notifications from the Orderspoon dashboard only.  

Step Three- Turn on Notifications

  1. Access to your Clover web dashboard
  2. Click Settings and choose Notification
  3. You can set Phone or Email notifications, for both notifications types the steps are the same
    1. Add the Phone/Email you want to receive the notifications
    2. Set the Order amount, if an order has less than the amount set is not going to send the notification
      1. If you want all your orders send the notification set the Order amount as "0"
    3. Check if you want to receive the Pickup and/or Delivery orders notifications

You are now set to take orders online

How to get help:

If you need help at any time, you can easily find articles on our Support & FAQ site for the most common topics and questions.

Need more help? Call us at (650) 681-0400.
Our helpdesk is staffed from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm CST, Monday to Friday. Please leave a voice message if you reach outside normal business hours. You can also contact our Support Team at support@4leaflabs.com.

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