Apple Developer Account, Publish Mobile App At iTunes

Apple Developer Account, Publish Mobile App At iTunes

Apple requires that the content owner, the restaurant, have an Apple developer account.  Apple will want to verify the person/business opening the Apple Developer account has the rights to develop apps under that business name. The easiest method for Apple to confirm your business is by having a D-U-N-S number.  For most US merchants this is not required but if it's a EU merchant we recommend it to speed up the process.  

These are the steps that we have found allow for the quickest/easiest publishing of an iTunes account. 

  1. Register for a D-U-N-S number
  2. Create a new Apple ID that will be used for the Apple Developer account.
    • Keep in mind that Apple device used to create the Apple ID, will also be needed for 2 step authentication further down the line
  3. Using the new Apple ID, register for an Apple Developer account as a business entity, Not as a personal account. This is where the D-U-N-S number will be needed
  4. Share the Apple ID login information with 4 Leaf Labs
    • This is needed to create certificates under that Apple ID. These certificates are needed to create provisioning profiles and more certificates.
  5. 4 Leaf Labs publishes the app under your Apple Developer account

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