How to Pre-Select Modifiers

How to Pre-Select Modifiers

Clover's inventory app can be quite powerful when you take advantage of the Item Modifier Groups because they're a great way to provide extra ordering options for your customers. 
In Orderspoon, you can Pre-Select the most common modifier(s) and save your customer a step in the order process. Of course, customers will still have the option to change the selection to whatever they prefer. 

Steps to Pre-Select a Modifier(s)

  1. Login to your Clover Web dashboard
  2. Open the Contactless dining + Online order app
  3. Click on Inventory 
  4. Choose Modifier Groups
  5. Locate the Modifier Group you wish to Pre-Select the Modifiers
  6. Check the box(es) for the Modifier(s) that you want to be Pre-Selected in the Orderspoon menu

*Keep in mind that the Pre-Select feature is affected by the "Max allowed" Modifier parameter in your Clover Web Dashboard.
For example, if Max allowed is set to 3, you may only select 3 modifiers to Pre-Select. 

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