How to use the Bumpbar for Kitchen Display

How to use the Bumpbar for Kitchen Display

Kitchen Display (KD) for Clover has the ability to use a bumpbar to control the application. Bumpbars are preprogrammed keypads that work with a specific application.  KD bumpbar works in Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) mode. We do NOT recommend using a bumpbar when your KD is used in Full-Service Restaurant (FSR) mode.  
Below is an image of it.

How the Bumpbar's keys work

  1. The numbers 1-8 belong to the cell in the Kitchen Display screen. Pressing a number on the bumpbar, will “Done” the corresponding cell’s order.
    1. Cells 1 and 8 are numbered in this image.
  2. The “Menu” button enables you to access the KD Settings and switch between:
    1. “Orders in Progress” and “Orders Completed” screens
  3. The “Enter” button is an Action button. Press “Enter” to perform gain access to the highlighted object on the KD screen.

Used to scroll within a cell. If an orderh as too many Items to fit in the cell, you use these 2 arrows to scroll within cell to see the entire order. 

Used to move the cursor up/down. Used to navigate from cell to cell. Used to navigate up/down in the Settings page.

Used to scroll to next “Orders in Progress” screen. For example, you have 9 orders in progress, but only 8 display. The 9th order will be found in the next “Orders in Progress” screen. 

Used to move the cursor left/right. Used to navigate from cell to cell. Used to navigate left/right in the Settings page. 

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