How to connect KD By Manually Entering Merchant ID/API Token

How to connect KD By Manually Entering Merchant ID/API Token

Kitchen Display requires a Clover Merchant ID and a Clover API token to operate. The Clover Merchant ID and Clover API token are usually automatically generated when you sign into Clover via the Kitchen Display application.

 A variety of issues could keep this from happening, such as:
  1. Clover reCAPTCHA not allowing a successful login
  2. Older versions of Android Operating System not allowed to connect to Clover
    1. Android 5.0 or newer is required
An alternate method is to manually enter the Clover Merchant ID and the Clover API token. 

Steps to log in with the Clover Merchant ID and the Clover API token 

  1. Access the following link from a browser or enter the entire URL into the browser address bar:

  1. You will be directed to a Clover Login Box, login to Clover with your normal Clover Web login credentials


  1. If you have multiple Clover accounts connected to the Email that was entered in step 2, you will have to choose the correct account.
  2. Once you select the correct account, or if you have only 1 Clover merchant account, you will be directed to a Kitchen Display Sign Up page. This page contains the Clover Merchant ID and Clover API token required to manually connect KD.
    1. Copy the entire URL from the address bar of this Sign Up page.


  1. Paste the entire URL into a document or an email or a note. Paste it somewhere you can easily read it. The URL will look like this:
  2. The Clover Merchant ID required by the Kitchen Display app is 13 alphanumeric digits. It’s not the MID you are familiar with. In the example above it’s:
    1. Q9120NDJYJSQ1
  3. The Clover API token required by the Kitchen Display is about 38 alphanumeric digits and includes hyphens (-). In the example above its:
    1. 78ce5d43-fb20-f6eb-f216-ca7912b3f9af
  1. Copy or write down the Clover Merchant ID and Clover API tokens as you will need to manually enter them into the Kitchen Display application.


  1. Open the Kitchen Display application on your Android Device.
    1. Access the Settings by pressing the 3 buttons located on the top right corner.
    2. Access the Clover POS Connection Settings
    3. Type in the entire Clover Merchant ID
      1. Make sure to use all Caps, it is case sensitive
  2. Type in the entire Clover API token
    1. Make sure to use lower case letters
    2. Make sure to enter the hyphens (-)
    3. Make sure to not have any spaces anywhere!
Once you input the correct data, you will receive a Connection to Clover successful message. Your Kitchen Display app will now be connected to your Clover Merchant account.
How to Get Help: 

Our helpdesk is staffed from 8 am to 8 pm Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday and 8 am to 5 pm during the weekends. 
Please leave a message if you reach us outside of normal business hours, (650) 681-0400.  
You can also contact our Support Team at 

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