Creating/Customizing Modifier Sets

Creating/Customizing Modifier Sets

Modifier sets are a great way to give flavor, size, type, etc, options for your customers when they are placing an order. Using Orderspoon, you can have these Modifier Sets synced over to your Orderspoon Menu Site. These instructions will give you more information about Modifier Sets:

Part 1: Creating Modifier Sets.

  1. Sign in to your Square Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Items section.
  3. Click on Modifiers.
  4. Click on the blue Create a Modifier Set button. This will open up the Create a Modifier set panel.
  5. Type in a name for your Modifier set. For example: "Choose your Bun".
  6. Ensure that the checkbox "Make sure that the customer can only select one modifier" is DISABLED. For more information about this checkbox, please refer to the notes at the bottom of this article.
  7. Enter the Modifier names and prices for each. For this example, we created types of bread:
  8. Select the Locations in which you'd like this Modifier Set to be available at. Check the "Available al all future locations" box if you wish this Modifier Set to be available for any new locations that you create.
  9. Click on Save.
  10. Now that the Modifier Set is created, you can click on the Apply to Items button located all the way to the right. Select all items that apply. For this example, I assigned it to an item called Jalapeño Burger.

Part 2: Customizing Modifier Sets

Now that the Modifier Set is created, we can customize if you want any of the modifiers to be required for the customer. For our example, the Bun Type for a burger would be something that I want to make my customers have to choose before they place their order. To change these settings:

  1. Navigate to the Items section.
  2. Click on Item Library.
  3. Search for one of the items that you assigned the Modifier Set you created previously. (Remember that for this example, we created Choose your Bun and assigned it to Jalapeño Burger).
  4. Click on the item to enter the Edit Item menu.
  5. Scroll down to the Modifier Sets section. Locate the Modifier Set you want to edit and click on Customize.
  6. The Required Modifiers control how many modifiers the customer has to select in order to place their order. 
    The Maximum Modifiers control how many modifiers the customer can select. 
    You can set these values to suit your item's needs. For my Jalapeño burger, I need customers to select at least 1 bun and maximum 1 bun, so I set Required 1 and Maximum 1.
  7. If you want a modifier to be pre-selected for a customer at Orderspoon, check on a Pre-Selected box. You can select one only.
  8. If you want to apply this same configuration to other items, click on the Apply This Configuration to Other Items link near the bottom of the screen and select the desired items.
  9. Once you are done, click on Save.
  10. Log in to your Orderspoon Dashboard and click on the yellow Sync Items button at the top right-hand side of the screen.

If you followed these steps, your customers will be able to see this type of buttons for your Items' Modifiers at Orderspoon: 

These circular buttons follow the "Radio Button" behavior, and customers will be able to change their selection by simply clicking on another modifier. 

If you see checkboxes instead, please repeat the steps in Part 2: Customizing Modifier Sets.

Notes: The "Customer Can Select Only One Modifier" checkbox will interfere with the instructions for Part 2. The reason is that the checkbox makes the Modifier Set have a Min: 1 and Max: 1 configuration automatically and will cause conflicting settings.

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