How to set my Custom Prep. Times

How to set my Custom Prep. Times

Average prep time is a nice method to advise your customers when they can expect to have their order is ready. 
The Average prep times vary throughout the course of the day, maybe your regular prep time could be 20 minutes but during your lunch rush of 11 am until 2 pm your prep times may change to average of 35 minutes. 
Orderspoom online ordering has the ability to add Custom Prep Times, to more accurately advise your customers when they can expect to have their Order ready. 

Steps to set up Custom Prep. Times

  1. Open Online Order + Serverles Dining App
  2. Click Order types and access Pickup or Delivery (Each one has their own Custom Prep. Time)
  3. Click Custom Prep. Times
    1. A pop-up tab opens
    2. Set Day, Start time, End time, and Prep. Time and click Add
  4. Do step 6 for each day and time you require the Custom Prep. Times

*You can have multiple Custom prep times in the same days if those times doesn't overlap

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