DoorDash integration FAQ

DoorDash integration FAQ

As of November 2021 your Orderspoon site has the ability to integrate with DoorDash delivery.
In this article, we list the most common inquiries the restaurant owners have about this integration.

Q: How much does DoorDash charge me for the services?
A: DoorDash charges a flat fee per delivery of $6.99 per order and invoices monthly.

Q: Do I have to pay $6.99 every time a customer places a DoorDash delivery order?
A: No, the customer is charged the $6.99 when placing the order through your Orderspoon online ordering site and this charge appears on the detailed information of the order. This fee goes directly to your Clover merchant account and DoorDash will invoice on a monthly basis the $6.99 per order processed. The customer pays the delivery fee, you collect the delivery fee and DoorDash invoices you for those delivery fees.

Q: Can I choose if the order is sent by in-house delivery or Doordash delivery?
A: You can toggle on/off the DoorDash delivery at your Orderspoon dashboard to determinate which type of delivery your restaurant will use. This change will take place immediately but keep in mind if an order was already in process when the switch was made, it will use the delivery type at inception of the order process.

Q: What happens if an order is not delivered or is delivered late?
A: DoorDash has a detailed refund matrix that covers the reasons of why an order is delivered late or not delivered and how the refund is handled. All the refunds are adjusted in your monthly DoorDash invoice.

Q: How can i track the order?
A: On the Orderspoon dashboard you can set SMS and email notifications for your orders and the Doordash delivery orders will provide you a tracking link of the orders on the SMS/email notifications

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