How to Enable Contactless Dining and Choose a Table Type

How to Enable Contactless Dining and Choose a Table Type

Contactless Dining offers restaurant owners an alternative method of accepting orders from your customers servers.  It is adapted to the pandemic crisis that will help minimize interaction between your employees and your customers. With this feature you'll be able to manage your available physical space with less staff and provide your customers a safe alternative in how they submit an order.

Steps to enable Contactless Dining on my account: 

  • Access your Orderspoon Dashboard using your Clover account owner's credentials.
    • If you are not the account owner, access via Clover Web Dashboard and then click on the  Online Order tab.
    • In the tabs on the left side, select the Order Type option and then Contactless Dining.

  • At the top, you will find the main button to enable or disable the Contactless Dining system in your account.
    • Select On to enable it.

  • Next, you will find the button to enable Open Tabs. Open tabs allow your customers to order multiple items and make a single payment transaction at the end.
    • Select On to enable the Open Tab mode.


Leaving the Open Tab option off will process orders on a pay-per-order mode, which means that every single order needs to be paid before placing it.
When Contactless Dining is turned off, customers won't be able to order anything even if they scan the QR Code somewhere else.

Check out this article to learn how to create your tables.
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