How Can Customers Order Ahead For Items Not Currently Available

How Can Customers Order Ahead For Items Not Currently Available

Set Order Schedule

With the Online Order app, you can limit the time a Category is available for online. This is a great feature for your breakfast items, lunch specials, happy hours. This eliminates necessity to edit Categories on a daily basis. 

So what happens when a customer wants to order ahead for Items that are not available at the time of the order being placed. Customers can order Items from Categories not currently available by scheduling the Pickup/Delivery time prior to adding Items to cart

  • Customer click on Schedule and the "Set Order Schedule" pop up box appears.
  • Customer will select the Date and the the Time. 
  • If the Time selected is within the Category Availability, then the customer will be able to order those Items
  • If the customer changes the time slot at the Checkout page, and that new time slot does not fall within the Category Availability then those Items will be removed from cart

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