Can I access the AppMachine previewer for merchants?

Can I access the AppMachine previewer for merchants?

To give your clients access to a preview of the app that we are building for them, please follow these steps:
  1. Have them download the Mobile Design Previewer, by searching for “Mobile Design Previewer” in the Google Play and Apple App Store. Developed by C3PO BV.
    NOTE: Please do not tell anybody that C3PO is an AppMachine product.

The merchant can log in to the Mobile Design Previewer with the username ‘demo’. The password will be their app number (4 numbers and 2 letters).

You will need to provide them with the app number. You can find it at

  1. Log in to the App Machine Dashboard here 
  2. Select the app in question from the My Apps section.
  3. Click on the Dashboard Tab. The App Number should be visible under the App Status box.

How to get help:

If you need help at any time, you can easily find articles on our Support & FAQ site for the most common topics and questions.

Need more help? Call us at (650) 681-0400.
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