How customers redeem points

How customers redeem points

If the customer had generated points at your restaurant, those points can be redeemed on you online store and also the customers are going to generate points on the online store purchases.

Steps for the customers to receive points

  1. Customer access to your online ordering site
  2. Customer Log in
    1. The customer has to check the terms & privacy policy of FiveStars by SumUp rewards
  3. Add items to the cart
  4. Access the checkout
  5. Place the order
    1. When the order is placed, the customer will receive 1 point per dollar spent
      1. Only items and fees are applied for the rewards points, taxes and tips do not generate rewards points

Steps for the customers to redeem points

  1. Customer access to your online ordering site
  2. Customer Log in
  3. Add items to the cart
  4. Access the checkout
  5. Customer clicks on  Use Rewards button
    1. The rewards available are displayed
  6. Choose a reward
    1. The discount is applied
  7. Place the order
    1. The order is placed with the discount, the deducted and the remaining points are displayed

It's really easy for your customers to receive and redeem points with FiveStars by SumUp on your online orders!

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