How to add the customer info to the order receipt

How to add the customer info to the order receipt

When the order receipt is printed to prepare the order, it can be useful to have the customer's name, phone number on the receipt. The Clover Setup app has a configuration to add the customer information (name, phone & address when available) to the bottom of the Order Receipt.

Steps to add the Customer info to the order receipt

  • Login to your Clover Web dashboard
  • Open Account & Set-Up 
  • Click Transactions and then Order Receipts.
  • You'll have multiple options to choose from. You can check the box(s) depending on what works best for you.

*In here you can change the settings of your Clover's receipts

Settings available

Order note

Prints the information at the top of the order receipt.  It can be a brief description of a person or any special instruction entered at the register. For Online Ordering, it prints ETA, prints if it's a curbside pickup and it prints the customers' name/phone and addresses if it's a delivery order.

Customer info
Prints the customers' information (found in the Clover Customers profile) at the bottom of the receipt, including name, address, phone, email. Unfortunately, if your customers happen to have multiple addresses or emails in their Clover Customer profile, then all of those may print on your receipts and waste some extra paper and create a problem of having to figure out what contact information is the correct one.
In the following receipt, we have Order Note and Customer Info enabled for an online pickup. Notice how the Order Note (blue) shows a different name and contact info from this order and the Customer Info (red) takes another name and many addresses. 

In the following receipt, we have disabled the Show Customer Info setting. The customer information now shows in the order not field, at the top of the receipt. By disabling the Show Customer Info you eliminate the unnecessary customer information at the bottom of the receipt.

Here is an example of the new order receipts showing the customer info for a future pick up only when the Order Note is enabled and Custom Info is disabled. Short and useful.

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