How to add Online Order tab on Facebook

How to add Online Order tab on Facebook

*******As of May 2019, Facebook requires you to have at least 2000 Friends before you can enable this feature*********

How to add Online Order tab on Facebook page

Step 1

Step 2

  • Log-in to your Facebook account
  • Open another tab open and log-in to   
  • For first time user, you will need to log-in using your Facebook account log-in credentials
  • Click My Apps drop-down button in the upper-right corner of the screen and click Add a New App
  • Create a New App ID screen will open
  • Fill out the information needed for Display Name (The name you want to associate with your App ID e.g. Page Name) and Contact Email (email used on your Facebook account)
  • Click Create App ID button
  • Security Check screen will open
  • Enter CAPTCHA codes and then click the Submit button

Step 3

  • On your newly created app dashboard, click to copy the generated APP ID and save it for later use
  • Click Settings Tab > Basic on the Left-Hand Side Menu
  • On Privacy Policy URL enter
  • In Terms of Service URL enter
  • Click Choose a Category drop-down and select category (e.g. Business and Pages)
  • Scroll down up to the bottom page and click + Add Platform tab
  • Select Platform screen will pop up. Select Page Tab
  • On Secure Page Tab URL  box, enter the base URL for the content to be shown in your Page Tab. Must be HTTPS. (e.g.
  • On Page Tab Name enter The user-facing title of your Page app (e.g. Online Order)
  • Click Save Changes button on the lower right portion of the page
  • Click App Review from the Left-Hand Side Menu and on Make Online Order Public? switch the button to YES
  • Scroll down to Approved Items and check on Login Permission.If you see a full green circle on the login permissions (email, public_profile, user_friends), then your app is live and ready for integration

Step 4

Step 5

  • On your Facebook account click and then select Manage Pages and click the Facebook page where you added the new tab
  • On your Facebook page go to Settings tab and then select  Edit Page from the Left-Hand Side Menu
  • Your newly added tab will be placed on the bottom part. If you wish to place it on top you will just need to click and drag the tab upwards and it will autosave
  • Click on Page Tab and you will view the newly created tab on the Left-Hand Side Menu

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