How To Cancel Subscription Charges

How To Cancel Subscription Charges

The monthly subscription charges is managed through the Clover App Market. 3rd part app providers, such as 4 Leaf Labs, has no control over these charges. Clover will automatically bill the merchant account if the application is installed. To cancel a subscription you simply Uninstall the application. 

Access to the Clover App Market is managed through the "More Tools" section. You can access the "More Tools" section on your Clover device(s) or your Clover Web dashboard

Once you access the "More Tools" you go to the Installed Apps tab. 

From the Installed Apps tab, locate the app in question. 

Once you locate the app in question, press the 3 buttons located on the top right and then press Uninstall app. 

You can confirm the Uninstall by verifying the app in question is no longer in your Installed Apps tab.

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