How to change my subscription plan

How to change my subscription plan

Orderspoon Online Ordering has multiple subscription plans with different features to adapt to all restaurant types.
You can update your subscription on the Clover web market whenever you require it to adapt the plan to your restaurant needs.

Steps to change your subscription

  1. Access to your Clover web Dashboard
  2. Access More Tools
    1. Click Installed Apps
  3. Search Online Ordering and select Online Order by 4 Leaf Labs
  4. Click Change Subscription
  5. Choose your plan and click Update Subscription

  6. Click Open App to Access your Orderspoon dashboard and sync it with your Clover account

*It's necessary to access your Orderspoon Dashboard from the Clover web dashboard.
This will sync the subscription plan of your Clover account with your Orderspoon account.

How to Get Help:
Our helpdesk is staffed from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm CST, Monday to Friday.
Please leave a voice message if you reach us outside of normal business hours. (650) 681-0400
If you need help at any time, go to our Support & FAQ site to find answers to common questions and video tutorials. 
You can also contact our Support Team at 

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