How to change the amount of orders displayed

How to change the amount of orders displayed

Depending on your restaurant’s order volume, you can customize the display to best suit your needs. If you have frequent, small orders, displaying 8 orders at a time will work well for your restaurant; If you have larger orders, displaying 4 orders at a time with more screen space to display the full order will be very helpful for your kitchen.

Steps to set yo the number of orders displayed

  1. Open your Kitchen Display app
  2. Access the settings at the top right corner
  3. Go to the Display Settings
  4. Select the first option "Maximum orders to display at a time"
    1. You can choose 4 or 8 at a time

You can change the number of orders displayed the times you want, also, if your kitchen has more than the orders displayed, you can swipe left to see the next orders
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