How to display the Customer's name

How to display the Customer's name

Kitchen display is a digital tool to reduce the use of printed receipts in your restaurant, some of the settings which you can change for your Clover printed receipts also apply to your Kitchen Display app.

Following the steps to enable this setting will allow you to see the customer's name in your KD.

Steps to display the Customer's name

  1. On your Clover Device access "Setup"
  1. Select the "Order Receipts" tab
  1. Click "Order Numbers"
  1. Check Manual (Cashier enters a number/text for search order)
  1. Placing an order in the Register app will request the cashier to type the order number or name of the customer
  1. The name of the Customer appears in your KD
Remember to have this setting enable in all your Clover Devices.
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