How to enable Expo Tracking

How to enable Expo Tracking

Expo Mode is a useful tool for your Kitchen Staff that allows them to know what orders are ready for distpaching.

Expo mode is a feature released in Kitchen Display v2.9.34

Steps to enable the Expo Tracking

  1. Open your Kitchen Display app
  2. Click on the settings at the top right of the screen
  1. Select Restaurant Settings
  1. Click Service type, a pop-up tab of the available service types will appear
  1. Choose Expo Tracking
  1. Go to Orders in progress, click Expo button of an order
    Done button change to Expo button
  1. Go to Expo
    Expo tab will appear in the Menu
  1. Click Done
Clicking Done in Orders For Expeditions should mean your staff dispatched the order to the Customer

Requirements for Expo Tracking

  • You need to be subscribed to the Platinum or Full plan of Kitchen Display.
  • Have at least 2 screens with Kitchen Display (One for Orders in Progress and other for Orders for Expedition).
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