How to enable Group Order

How to enable Group Order

Group Order allows multiple customers to submit Items into 1 order.
The first customer initiates the Group Order and provides the other customers with a link to add the items to the Orderspoon group order. 

Steps to enable Group Order

  1. Login to your Clover web dashboard

  2. Open the Online Order + Serverless Dining app

  3. Click Settings and choose General

  4. Toggle on Group Orders

*Once a Group Order is started, it must be completed within 6 hours.
Otherwise, the Group Order URL will expire and a new one has to be generated. 

Steps to place a Group Order

  1. The paying customer (Main Customer) starts the Group Order by clicking on the Group Order button located below the View Hours button on your Orderspoon site.

  2. The Create Group Order menu allows the Main Customer to set an order total limit for each of the other customers submitting Items into the Group Order (Secondary Customers). There are some existing amounts to choose from, or the customer can create a Custom amount. Once the amount is set, click on Create Group Order.


  1. After the Group Order has been created, a new box opens up. Here the Main Customer can
    1. Verify the Group Order limit that was set, and the Group Order URL. This is the URL that needs to be shared to the Secondary Customers. 
    2. Cancel the Group Order
    3. Copy the Group Order URL using the green Copy URL button that will copy the URL to the computer's clipboard. Once this button is clicked, the Main Customer will be automatically redirected to the Orderspoon site. Once here, the Main Customer can start sharing the URL to the Secondary customers and stand by. 
  2. The Secondary Customers can open the Group Order URL in their browser of choice (except Internet Explorer). They will have a Group Order box open up. Once here, they can set their name. Once the Set name button is clicked, they will be directed to the menu site so they can start adding items to their order. 
  3. When a Secondary Customer is ready to submit their order to the Group Order, the only thing they need to do is click on the Finish my order button on the Orderspoon site. When they do, the Orderspoon site will reload without their order information. This means that the order has been submitted successfully. 
  4. Once the Main Customer is certain that all the Secondary Customers have finished placing their order, the Main Customer can select their items of choice for the order. Once added to the cart, the Main Customer will be able to see all the Secondary Customer's items and names.
  5. Once here, the Main Customer can proceed with checkout as usual.

How to get help:

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