How to reprogram your Bump-bar

How to reprogram your Bump-bar

The Kitchen Display Bump-Bar has 4 different configurations but for the Kitchen Display app, only one is useful, sometimes by mistake the configuration can be changed.

The process to set up again your Bump-Bar to the right configuration is fast and easy.

Steps to reprogram your Bump-Bar

  1. Disconnect your Bump-Bar of the Android Stick
  2. Re-reconnect the Bump-Bar to the Android Stick
  3. Click at the same time the second and fourth button of the bottom row ("6" & "8")

    The red dot at the top of the Bump-Bar will be turned off and it will beep twice
  4. Now click the fourth button of the top row ("4")

    The Bump-bar is going to beep once
  5. Click the second and the nineth button of the Bump-Bar of the bottom row ("6" & "down arrow")

    The Bump-bar will play a larger beep this time
Now your Bump-Bar is reprogrammed with the correct set up
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