How to Use Contactless Dining (Beta)

How to Use Contactless Dining (Beta)


Contactless Dining offers restaurant owners an alternative adapted to the pandemic crisis and future health issues that will require a minimum interaction between employees and customers.  With this feature, you'll be able to manage your available physical space and bring your customers a safe way to have a dining experience


  1. Have spoken with our Support Team to enroll Contactless Dining (Beta)
  • Order Alert v1.5.2 enabled

    • Print using fire automatically enabled - For Open Tab

    • Print Order/Payment Receipt Automatically enabled - To receive final order receipts and payment receipts.

  • All items Labeled

    • Have labels set up correctly in your menu (Kitchen, Food, Hot, Cold, etc

Setup process

  1. Verify Order Alert v1.5.2 is installed on the device
    1. Open Order Alert  on your Clover device and take a look at the bottom left corner of the window: 

  2. Make sure that all of the items available for the Restaurant's Orderspoon menu have active labels on the printers.
    1. Open your Clover Account
    2. Click on Inventory
    3. Select Labels when the drop-down menu expands, and from here you can take a look at your labeled items or create one: 

  3. Access your Orderspoon's Merchant dashboard .
    1. Click Order Types
    2. Select Contactless Dining and a new set of options will appear.
    3. Enter the number of tables that you want to work with.
    4. Click Generate and your QR Codes will be generated, which are available for testing in the link underneath each code.
    5. Click Print Preview and a new tab will open. Here you can change the Title, Subtitle, and Table name, and after setting up all the necessary information, press ctrl + p  or cmd + P to print your QR code table.

With the printed QR codes you can put them on the tables in the way you think most convenient, customers can scan the code with their smartphone cameras and place their orders.


Contactless dining can be used in two modes.
Open Table on and Open Table off.

Open Table on

Customers can add items to their order at different times, once the customer adds the item and the ticket is printed, the customer can no longer cancel the item. 
Payment will be made once the customer no longer wishes to add more items to the order. It is a one-time payment for the entire order. This type of service may motivate the customer to order a greater number of items due to the openness given to order at different times.

Open Table Off

In this setting, each time the customer adds items, he/she must pay for the items added for the order to be generated. This could reduce the total number of items ordered by the customer because they will have to go through the checkout process each time they want to order more items for their table.

Steps for Customers to place a Contactless dining order

  1. Scan the QR code with your mobile device. The Contactless dining menu will load.
  2. At the top left will be the menu, click and then select Sign in.
  3. The customer's phone number will be requested to Sign in. Type the number and click next, a 6 digits code will be sent. Type the code and sign in. 

  4. Add items to the cart and click Checkout

  5. The customer can choose whether to pay for the items or open a table (Open order on the Clover device). In case of having Open Table Off, it will only give the option to pay now for the items (If Open Table is Off jump to step 10).

  6. When opening a table, the customer must fill in the account information (add the card information with which he/she will pay).

  7. Here the customer will be able to see the items added to the cart. At the "X" they can delete the items before placing the order. By clicking Close Tab, the customer will be sent to the Checkout. Clicking Add to Tab will open the Order, after that the added items will not be able to be deleted by the Customer.

  8. Now the customer can access the cart. The items already added to the Order cannot be deleted, the items added to the Cart but not yet on the table, are available to be deleted.

  9. When the customer wants to pay, make sure that all items have already been added to the Tab. The customer has to click on Close Tab and the page will redirect to the Checkout.
  10. After the customer confirms the items to be paid, click on Pay - "Order Amount".
  11. The order will be paid, the order total and payment information will be displayed.



  1. Pay in cash will not be an option at Contactless dining.
  2. If a customer pays the order at the register will cause a misunderstanding at the Checkout of Contactless dining.
  3. If an item is added to the Contactless dining order on a Clover device, will cause misunderstandings at the checkout.
  4. Each device will create its own Order ID labeled with the table #, even if access with the same account. One table can have multiples Orders IDs at the same time.
  5. Once the items have been added to the table(At this moment they are printed), they are no longer able to be deleted.
  6. The menu available for Contactless dining is the menu you have on Orderspoon, not on your Clover device's Register.

How to Get Help:
Our helpdesk is staffed from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm CST, Monday to Friday.
Please leave a voice message if you reach us outside of normal business hours. (650) 681-0400
If you need help at any time, go to our Support & FAQ site to find answers to common questions and video tutorials. 
You can also contact our Support Team at 

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