How to verify if the Android device has wrong date & time

How to verify if the Android device has wrong date & time

Wrong Date & time is the most common reason for Kitchen Display not to show the orders.

When the Date & time are wrongly set, the apps can have connectivity issues, fortunately, this is an easy-to-fix issue.

Steps to set up the Date & time

  1. Access the Android device Settings
  2. Scroll down and select the option Date & time
  3. Verify if the date & time of the device is correct
    1. Disable automatic date & time
    2. Disable automatic time zone
    3. Set the correct date (The Android device date format is DD/MM/YYYY)
    4. Set the correct time (It needs to be 24-hour format)
    5. Choose your time zone
    6. Enable automatic date & time
    7. Enable automatic time zone
  4. Access to your Kitchen Display app
If the title bar is now green and your orders are displayed, the issue was happening due to the wrong date & time of your android device.
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