Install and Setup Guide

Install and Setup Guide

Keep your customers digitally connected to your store wherever they are.  From their mobile device or computer web browser, your customers can order from an up-to-date menu and product listing.  Your customers will love using this app to streamline how they order from your business.

  • Order from anywhere – iPhone, Android phone, or computer web browser

  • Order updates so that they’ll know when the order was accepted and ready to be picked up

  • Get paid right into the same merchant account as your Clover Station.

Some of your ordering options include the following:

  • Offer store pickup or delivery!

  • Pay online right into your store's merchant account (not a separate account), or allow your customer to Pay Later onsite.

  • Receive orders directly into your Clover Station.

  • Multiple methods to track online order status to make sure you never miss an order.

Accept all your payments in one account, no more reconciling multiple accounts.

Getting Started

STEP 1: Install the App from Your Clover Home Web Dashboard

  • Log into your Clover Web Dashboard (Online Order is a web-based app so installing from your Clover Station is not recommended)
  • Click on More tools 
    • Find the Contactless dining + Online Order app
  • Select a Subscription plan then Click on "Open App"

    • Verify from your Clover Dashboard that Online Order is now visible.


STEP 2: Store Settings

Adjust your store settings so that your online store is customized to the way your business operates.  

The key settings and what they impact are described below

  • Store URL: What would you like your website name to be? We’ve provided a suggestion though you can change it as long as another store is not using it.  We’d recommend something easy to remember and share with your customers.

  • Publish Status: When set to "Publish, the store will be displayed in the store directory.  Otherwise, the store is available for access through the Store URL, but will not be displayed in a Store Search.

  • Accept Orders: If set to "Yes" then, the store will accept orders.  If set to "No", then users can still access the menu, but the Checkout button is disabled.  Do not use this setting to limit orders during off-hours.  Instead, use the Pick-Up Hours to automate when orders are accepted.

  • Fire Order: If set to ¨Yes¨ then the Online Order order receipts will automatically fire to your printer.  Requires the use of labels for your printer.  The Order Alert app can also print Order Receipt which may be a better fit for your store’s set-up.

  • Pay Later: If set to "Yes" then your customers can choose to pay in-store. If set to "No" your customers have to pay for their order online, this is recommended.

  • Orders notifications: You can enter 1 mobile phone # that will receive a text message whenever an Online Order has been processed.  

  • Group Orders: If set to "Yes" customers can process group orders. Multiple people can enter Items into the same order and have 1 person pay for the entire order.

  • Pick-Up Order Options:  What is the order preparation time you'd like to provide your customers?  You can set a convenience fee for pickup orders as well as a minimum/maximum order amount.  

  • Pick-Up Hours: Set your "Business Hours" in the Clover Setup app to automatically open and close your online store for pick-up orders.

  • Delivery Order Options: What is the order preparation time you'd like to provide your customers? You can set a minimum order amount. Set your delivery area by adding a radius distance, or draw in a custom zone using Google maps.

  • Delivery Hours: Set your Delivery Hours. Initially, they will be the same as your Business hours, but you can edit them.

  • Tips: Enable tips so your customers can add the tip directly to the credit card transaction. Set a required tip if the customer reaches a certain amount.


STEP 3: Setup Order Notification

You have multiple methods for receiving order alerts:

  • On any of your Clover Stations.

  • Automatically prints to your chosen printer

  • On up to 3 mobile phones via text messaging.  (Platinum plan only)


When you install the Online Order app, the Online Order Alert app will also be installed. This app will enable you and your staff to be alerted whenever new online orders are processed.

  • From your Clover Station, open the Online Order Alert app.

  • Turn notifications on by setting "Enable Order Alerts" to On

  • Turn full-screen notifications on by setting "Full-Screen Notification" to "On"}

    • We recommend using this option at least initially until your staff is comfortable with the order process.

  • Choose the printer you wish to direct the order receipts to.

  • Set the ¨Print order receipt automatically¨ to On.


STEP 4: Preview your new online website by visiting the Store Site Name Link

It will look like  Submit a test order and verify the order in the Orders app on your Clover Station by doing the following.

  • Use a browser and visit the "Store URL".  

  • From the menu displayed, select a category and item.

  • Select the desired modifiers and add it to the order.

  • Tap on Checkout. Click on ¨Check out as Guest¨

  • Enter First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and Email Address.

  • Enter in any special Restaurant Instructions

  • Enter in Credit/Debit card information

  • Select how you wish to receive updates on the order, by SMS text or by Email.

  • After completing an order, the Clover Station with the Online Order Alert app installed will display an alert, the printer selected will print the order receipt and the phone # entered in for the Order Alerts, will receive an SMS text advising of the Online Order order.

  • From the Clover Orders app, you can see which orders have been processed in the store. Your Online Order orders will have the Online Pickup order type associated with them.

  • Your customer´s name, phone #, email address, and order information will be stored in the Clover Customers app. This information will be beneficial for marketing purposes.


STEP 5: Customize the Look and Feel in the Store Interface Settings

Update the branding of the online store by adding your store logo and changing the accent colors.

  • Add your website address to "Navigation Logo URL".

  • Add your store logo

  • Change the store background

  • Add a header background and logo.


STEP 6: Customize Your Menu in the Menu Settings

Update your item and modifier descriptions for the best online presence.  It’s likely that your store’s inventory needs to be adjusted so that it is easily understood by customers.  Here are some of the typical adjustments made:

  • Category Order: Your Category order will be the same as in your Clover Inventory

  • Hide Category: You may have Categories that you want to not make available Online. Set the Show setting to Off, this will make the entire Category not available online

  • Hide Items: You may have items that should only be available in-store. Set the Show setting to Off, this will make the item not available online.

  • Add Descriptions and Warning: You can add a description of the item that can include ingredients and nutritional information to better inform your customer what the item contains.

  • Add Item images: Limit the image size to 50 Kb or less to allow for fast upload times to your customers.

  • Modifier Settings: You can add an Alternate Name, to provide your customers with easier to understand modifier choices. You can change the order that Modifier Groups are presented with the Sort Order setting.

  • Set Category availability by the time of day.  You can set what day/time Categories will be available for your customers. A great feature for Breakfast/Lunch specials.

How to get help:

If you need help at any time, you can easily find articles on our Support & FAQ site for the most common topics and questions.

Need more help? Call us at (650) 681-0400.
Our helpdesk is staffed from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm CST, Monday to Friday. Please leave a voice message if you reach outside normal business hours. You can also contact our Support Team at

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