How to use Live Orders

How to use Live Orders

Live orders offer a web-based option to receive, view, track and even cancel your Orderspoon orders from any browser. This is a great backup to your order receipt printing options. Simply log in to your Clover Web dashboard, launch the Online Order and open the Live Orders tab. 

Information you can verify in Live Orders:

  1. Easily identify your important order information:
    1. Customer Name
    2. Order Date/Time
    3. Order Number
    4. Estimated Time of Arrival or Delivery
    5. Order Amount
    6. Order Type
    7. Order ID
    8. Customer Phone #
    9. Customer Email

  1. Filter your orders by:
    1. Date
    2. Order Type
      1. Pickup, Delivery, Curbside
    3. Order time
      1. ASAP or Future order

  1. Search order by Customer name or Order ID

View the  Category, Items, and Modifiers of the order. 

  1. Reject/cancel an order.  To do so, click on the order you want to reject and the Order details will appear. Click Reject Order at the bottom of the Order details.

    1. A tab will pop up to confirm if you want to reject the order

  2. After clicking on yes, the order will be cancelled and a refund processed to your customer's card. 

  3. The rejected orders will be labeled as rejected on the Counter

  4. Get a notification when receiving an order

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