How to display long orders on different columns

How to display long orders on different columns

Kitchen Display offers a non-scrolling feature for the platinum plan. Check your plan level

With the "Next Column" setting enabled, there is no need to scroll within cells for large orders. 
Typically an Order with too many Items to fit one cell would require the merchant to scroll down to see the next Items. Now the extra Items will auto-populate the next cell. Increasing the kitchen staff's efficiency by taking away some of their interaction with the Kitchen Display app. 

Steps to enable Next Column

  1. Open the Kitchen Display app on the Android device
  2. Access to the settings
  3. Open the FSR settings
  4. Click Text Overflow
  5. Choose Next Column

Below is a comparison of the same 5 orders in Kitchen Display. The 1st image running in the normal "Scroll" mode. The 2nd image running in the new "Next Column" mode.
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