Printing to the Kitchen or Order Printer

Printing to the Kitchen or Order Printer

The ability to print orders to your store within seconds of an online order submission is a major efficiency advantage of the direct Square POS integration that Orderspoon offers.   The demo below shows how an order from either the website or mobile app is sent directly to the Square POS and a printer within seconds.

Configuration Options

The Square POS offers a number of configuration options to suit how you've set-up your restaurant such as the following examples:

  • Pop up a Notification on Square POS application: You can enable a notification on your Square POS device. When a new Orderspoon order arrives, a small pop up box appears advising of a New Order.
  • Order Tickets to the POS Printer:  If you typically include a list of items with your pickup or delivery orders, you can select "Order Tickets" to be printed.    This will print to the front-of-house and enable you to have staff coordinate the pick-up order.
  • Order Tickets to the Kitchen:  You can also send the "Order Tickets" to the back-of-house so that your kitchen can directly start preparing the order.  Order Tickets can be set-up per station with just the items relevant to that station being printed.  eg. Hot items can go to the Hot Stations while the Cold items can go to the Cold Station.

Configuration Steps

To set-up a printer and then configure it for "Remote Orders", you can use the following steps:

  1. Enable Notifications
    • If using Square POS on an iPad
      • Access Settings
        • Orders
          • Notifications
          • Enable "Allow Notifications"
            • Choose "Immediately"
    • If using Square POS on an Android
      • Access Settings
        • Orders
          • Alerts
          • Enable "Allow Alerts"
            • Choose "Immediately

  2. Note the "Order Tickets" option when a Printer Station is being created.

  3. Note the "Automatically Print New Orders" option when Remote Orders are set-up.

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