Reporting for Kitchen Display

Reporting for Kitchen Display

The merchants who use Kitchen Display to zip orders to their kitchen have access to this companion Reporting app which gives the ability to keep tabs on how your kitchen is operating.

Important information you can get from the reports:

  1. Monitor how long orders are taking to fill
  2. Identify items that are taking the longest (and shortest) times to fulfill
  3. Helps you manage staffing for different shifts or day parts

Report types:

  1. Order Report, Lists each order with the processing time (how long it took to fulfill), start and finished times. KEEP TABS on whether a station or time of day is slower than expected
  2. Item Report, List your items (aka dishes) with # of items processed, average and median process time and total time to fulfill.  KEEP TABS on your popular items and ones that are taking too long to fill
  3. Day Part Report, Shows how your orders are distributed throughout the day by "day parts" that you configure. Also shows median time, net sales and count of transactions.  KEEP TABS on your peak times.

Order Report

Lists each order with the Process time (how long it took to fulfill), start and finished times.   

  • Purpose: This can be used to monitor for orders that are taking too long. By using the "Station" and "Day Part" filters, you can also identify whether staffing is too low or high at a given station or day part.

Item Report

Groups each item with its name, # of items processed, average and media process time and total time to fulfill.

  • Purpose: Identifies items that may be taking too long to fulfill and needs streamlining.  By using the "Station' filter, you can also see the average time spent at different stations to determine if staffing or process changes are needed.

Day Part Report

Lists count of orders and the distribution of orders within that day part.  Also shows median time, net sales and count of transactions.

  • Functionality: Groups orders into a configurable Day Part by either day of week and hours of the day.
  • Purpose: Shows how various day parts perform based on volume, sales and fulfillment time.  This can influence how you staff each shift.

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