How to set Discounts

How to set Discounts

General information

Discounts are a great way to motivate a customer to try your restaurant and/or try using your Online Order. However, they need to be set-up in the right way to prevent over-redemptions.  

Here are some specific marketing approaches  and situations you can use coupon promotions to grow your business: 
  1. Get new customers: You can run an online advertising campaign to target local customers to try your restaurant.
  2. Promote 1st-time use: Let your in-store customers know that they get a discount for trying the Online Order app and enjoying the ease-of-use.
  3. Promote new items: Send an email or text message with a discount link for new items that you are trying to promote.
  4. Re-engage past customers: It can be useful to remind past customers to come and try your store again if it's been a while.
  5. Individual credit/discount: If a customer has a problem with an order and asks for a refund, another option is to give them a discount for their next visit. Discount codes can be shared only to specific customers, and you can control how many times a customer can use it to avoid issues.

Steps to setting up Discounts: 

  1. Log in to your Clover Web dashboard
  2. Open your Online Order app
  3. Click on Discount
    1. Enter a discount name. Use a name that describes the amount, type, or audience of the coupon.  This name will be visible to customers on the receipt. For example: "Mother's Day"
    2. Enter a discount code.  This code will be used by customers at the checkout page to apply the discount
    3. Discount Type:
      1. Order: The discount will be applied to the entire order.
      2. Item(s): The discount will be applied to the items that you specify. 
    4. Start Time:
      1. Immediately: The discount will become active as soon as you finish setting up its properties and click on the Create button at the bottom.
      2. Scheduled: The discount will become active in the date and time that you specify.
    5. End Time:
      1. No End: The discount will never expire unless it is manually deleted.
      2. Scheduled: The discount will become inactive in the date and time that you specify.
    6. Max. Redemption: This is the overall number of times that the discount can be redeemed by customers (not individually).
    7. Order Type: The discount can be applied to Pickup orders, Delivery orders, or both.
    8. Discount Type:
      1. Percentage: If this option is selected, the amount entered in the Amount box will be applied as a percentage.
      2. Fixed: If this option is selected, the amount entered in the Amount box will be applied as a fixed amount.
    9. Max. Discount: This option controls the total amount of money that can be discounted from an order. 
      For example, if a customer places an order of $100 and applies a discount of 20% but you set a Max. Discount of 15, then the customer will only receive a $15 discount.
    10. User Type:
      1. First user: The discount can only be redeemed by customers who just created an Orderspoon profile and have not yet redeemed this discount.
        This option is useful to incentivize customers to create an Orderspoon profile for easy ordering.
      2. Any user: The discount can be redeemed by both guests and customers with an Orderspoon profile.
    11. How many times a customer can use this coupon:
      1. Once: The discount can only be used once by the same customer.
      2. Multiple Times: The discount can be used s many times as the customer wants.
    12. Required Cart Amount: This is the minimum order subtotal for the discount to be redeemed. 
  4. Once you finish setting up the discount, click on the Create button located at the bottom.
  5. Once created, the discount will appear on the right side of your screen:
Any created discounts will appear on the right side of the screen in the Discount section. There are three buttons to help you manage your discounts:  
  1. Pencil Icon: Clicking it will allow you to edit your Discounts' properties.
  2. Trash Icon: Clicking it will delete the Discount.
  3. Chain Icon: This will allow you to generate a link that can be shared with your customers so they can access your website with the discount already applied.
In order to generate the link, the Discount is required to have these properties: 
  1. Order Type: Pickup & Delivery
  2. User Type: Any User
  3. How many times a user can use this coupon: Multiple Times
Once the Discount has been created, it is up to you to share the code on social media, your existing website, via email blasts, etc. Your customers will be able to input that code at checkout.

How to Get Help:
Our helpdesk is staffed from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm CST, Monday to Friday.
Please leave a voice message if you reach us outside of normal business hours. (650) 681-0400
If you need help at any time, go to our Support & FAQ site to find answers to common questions and video tutorials. 
You can also contact our Support Team at 

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