Turning on/off your store's online orders

Turning on/off your store's online orders

At times you may need to disable your Orderspoon site from accepting orders. There may be an unforeseen situation or perhaps you want to close down for a holiday. Disabling the Accept Orders setting, along with a Custom Announcement, is a great way of temporarily closing your Online Order store and notifying your customers when it will reopen.  


Disabling the Accept Orders setting does not bring your Orderspoon site down. Customers can still access your store, they just cannot process any orders until the Accept Orders setting is enabled.  


To turn off your Orderspoon store:

  1. Login to your  Clover web dashboard

  2. Open the Online Order + Serverless Dining app

  3. Click Settings, General

  4. Disable the Accept Orders button




Keep in mind that you will need to manually re-enable the Accept Orders button. If you want to schedule a closing of your store in advance, we recommend using the Holiday Hours feature. Find more information in this article.

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