TVs and Monitors compatible with Kitchen Display

TVs and Monitors compatible with Kitchen Display

The Kitchen Display app is capable of adapting to any screen size and resolutions supported by Android in phones and tablets, but what about TV screens and monitors?

As Android is not found on TV Screens and Monitors, we have to convert them into Android devices with the help of an Android Computer Stick. For this purpose, we support the following Android Stick, which we tested many times with our application in the last years.


The only requirement for it to work on your hardware is having an HDMI port available for you to connect this Android Stick and convert your TV or Monitor into an
Android device itself.

HDMI port

So in theory, all TV Screens or Monitors with one HDMI port are candidates for running our Android Stick and therefore, our Kitchen Display app.
Due to the wide range of hardware out there, we cannot guarantee that any device will be able to recognize this device since there are a lot of factors that can affect the input configurations. 

How can we assess compatibility? 
  1. For starters, we recommend buying hardware that supports HD resolutions since that's what the HDMI interface stands for. Any resolution below HD could lead to problems recognizing our recommended device, not even HDMI adapters will be able to work. Size does not matter in this department, but we have to look for resolutions as HD, Full HD, or higher.
  2. We have to look for hardware not bound to any software like Smart TVs or  All-in-One PC's. Smart TVs tend to sell as "Android Based" but most of these Smart TVs have their own interface that does not work as a native Android Device. Even though Smart TVs recognize any HDMI device, we can't guarantee they will work with your Android Stick, and on top of that, these screens are really expensive. 
  3. Be aware of the specifications of your products. This is especially the case with Touch Screen Monitors. Some of these products need some extra steps to connect and work properly. The compatibility with Touch Screen monitors vary depending on the requirements and specifications for them to work (i.e. they need and USB cable to connect to our device for the touch interface to work, they need certain processing power to be enabled and to not stutter, etc.). Sometimes we are not aware of certain details on our customer's hardware and troubleshooting can be hard for both parts. 
All-in-One PC monitors are meant to work along with their own software, so for most hardware in this department, even if they count with HDMI, they will not work at all with our Android Stick.
What are some user-based recommendations on Monitors and Touch Monitors?
Luckily, many customers are always giving their feedback on the hardware they tried our app on, and most of them had a good experience in the present hardware recommendations lists that will grow up along the way.

Touchscreen Monitor recommendations: 
Asus - VT229H - Multitouch Screen ( requires you to connect a USB cable to the Android Stick for the touchscreen to work)

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