Why new orders on KD start with extra time?

Why new orders on KD start with extra time?

Kitchen Display updates cyclically every 20s interval, which means is the maximum time it takes to update

If the setting QSR Order Time is set as Order created your orders timers start running at the moment they appear on the KD monitor. the order can appear with a timer running between 1 to 20 seconds because this is the time span of the cycle your orders are updated. 

Q: I have some orders which running time starts way higher than the update time.
A: This is caused by your Clover Register App. Let us explain why this happen:
  1. Each time an item is added on the Clover Register "creates" an order. If the cashier adds items to the Register and deletes them the order is "created" and send to KD so the next time your cashier adds more items, these ones will keep the running time of the previous added.
E.g: A customer walks in and orders a coffee pot for some reason he cancels the item and leaves. Your cashier will delete that item because the order was not processed.
After 10 minutes another customer walks in and orders a panini and pays the order.
The running time of that order will have the 10 minutes of the deleted item on your Kitchen Display because Clover is sending that item in the same order as the one deleted.

Q: Can I do something to prevent this from happening?
A: Sure! If you close the Register app after the item is deleted the next item added will start the timer properly.

Steps to close the Clover Register app

  1. In your Clover Device, at the bottom of the screen, click the rectangle icon 
  2. All your opened apps appear
  3. Swipe up your Clover Register App
Now your Clover Register app is closed.
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